Past Events

Fan Lulu | Publication, Event

[EN] Taobao Villages: The Emergence of a New Pattern of Rural Ecommerce in China and its Social Implications

Taobao villages - clusters of rural online entrepreneurs have become a significant force behind the development of "rural e-commerce" in China.


Yudi Latif | Event, Publication

[EN] Nation-Building in the Era of Populism and the Muslim Intelligentsia: The Indonesian Experience by Yudi Latif

This publication offers a perspective on how Indonesian Muslim intellectuals shape the discourse of nation-building, and how their role displays both...


30.10.2018 | Event, News

High-level exchange on Work 4.0 at "Economy of Tomorrow" conference

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Digitalization & Work 4.0 - a Right to Training?


26.09.2018 | News, Event

Two Foreign Ministers Live on Stage at the Bali Democracy Forum Berlin Chapter

Outreach event of the Bali Democracy Forum in Berlin.


Elisa Sutanudjaja, Marco Kusumawijaya, M. Zul Qisthi and Inten Gumilang | Publication, Event, News

[EN] Strategy for A Social City in Indonesia: Case studies in Malang, Cirebon, and Jakarta

Over the last decade, Indonesia has enjoyed high economic growth which has unfortunately worsened the income inequality in urban areas where growth is...


Sergio Grassi; Stefan Pantekoek; Yannick Ringot | Publication, Event, News

[EN] German Robots in China and the Alibaba Villages

The ongoing global technology-driven industrial and platform-based revolution has been variously labelled as Industry 4.0, Intelligent Manufacturing,...


07.03.2018 | News, Event

Linking the Global Urban and Jobs Agendas: Toward A Policy Framework for Job-rich Urbanization

An urbanization that fails to produce just job opportunities will have far-reaching consequences.


19.12.2017 | News, Event

Sekolah Harmoni Indonesia (Harmony School Indonesia)

Young engaged Indonesian students from various background took part in the Sekolah Harmoni Indonesia, a program highlighting the importance of...


Tuesday, 21.11.17 to Wednesday, 22.11.17 - Hotel Aryaduta Tugu Tani, Jakarta | Event

The City Should be Owned by the Citizens and Residents!

…we concluded at the Rujak/PMK/FES Social City conference on the 21st/22nd November 2017 in Jakarta!


04.10.2017 | Event

Presentation on Pancasila and the call for Social Justice

by Yudi Latif, head of the newly established presidential working unit on the implementation of Pancasila (UKP-PIP)



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